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Sorry For the Absence

Hey guys, sorry for the long time no see. As many of you know I have been ill. Due to the reduced (IE lack of) income, I was recently served my eviction notice. I hope to be posting again sometime in the future.

If anyone is interested in providing a little help (as the quicker I can relocate, the better!) please feel free to send a dollar or five bucks to through paypal.

Thank you all for your support over the years and all the love <3

Nothing pretty and no clothes&#8230; but here is my new hair&#8230;!

Nothing pretty and no clothes… but here is my new hair…!

itsownleesex Asked:
What a turn-on, I love your blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

Thanks! I hope to be doing more stuff again soon. Still just trying to dig out of the red >.<

Free Pose Friday!

It’s Free Pose Friday! First ten requests from unique users in my inbox get fulfilled!

@kittehface128 sorry it didn’t notify me you responded! You were the only request! I shall fulfill that for you and get it up tomorrow sometime!


- girlswhoswallow

That tongue is longer than mine o.o


- girlswhoswallow

That tongue is longer than mine o.o

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Sorry for the wall of text, photos are coming soon. Please read here:

Two parts to this announcement. As I am still financially recovering from my time off, I have been very busy. Along with that recovering physically from the 20 pounds I lost while in the hospital. I apologize for my time away and any disappointed followers. Here’s what is to come in the following weeks.

First: Within the next two weeks I will release the long promised toy set.

Secondly: Starting a new ritual on this Tumblr! I call it Free Pose Friday. Ever Friday at 4:00PM GMT -7:00 I will begin taking entries for this. The first ten entries made AT or AFTER that time will be awarded. (IE you request a pose (you can request by linking me to pictures) and an outfit that I have. To the best of my ability I will fulfill those first ten requests).

One entry per user, per week (please, no double accounts. Play fair). Those who are not one off the first entries will be entered into a draw (I’ll use a randomizing program or draw from a hat, whichever) and the winner will get a picture as well, as a consolation chance =).

I look forward to providing more content!

Question to my followers…

A recent discussion perked a curiosity for me, what is your opinion on fake breasts (IE worn, not implants) worn under girls clothes?

really-cool-dude: This isn’t about necessity, it’s about availability. The option is there, and it’s kinda a nifty option. Why not explore it…?

shychiguy68 Asked:
You have a phenomenal ass. Love your blog

Thanks sweety <3 looking forward to doing some new posts!

I apologize for the answers recently, and my insane absence. It’s especially unfair after that small tease I gave.

The absence of pictures will carry on just a bit longer unfortunately. I recently spent 11 days in the hospital due to combined stomach and anxiety issues. I’m now two weeks behind on pay and trying to get some insanely expensive meds. (Yes I’m in Canada, no not all of our medication is free. My meds are roughly $700 a month now. Work reimburses a percentage but I have to pay up front).

Hopefully you guys can understand the situation, and be patient.

Thank You!